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Para Aminophenol

Item Standard
Appearance cream-white-colored powdered crystal
Content≥ 98.5%The assay of EXP. Product pon the customers' requirement.
Ferrous content≤ 0.01%
Water content≤ 0.50%
Transmittance≥ 95.00%
Melting point 186°C-189°C
Packing Domestic:Plastic woven bag,n.w.40kg.; Export:Plastic Compound bag,n.w.25kg.; Paper drum,n.w.40kg or 50kg,N2 filled.

Para Nitrophenol

Item Standard
Appearance Light yellow or light brown crystal
Content ≥ 99.00%
Ferrous content≤ 15ppm
P-Nitrophenolate residual No
Packing 25kg
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